Secure Coding for Web Developers

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Benefits of our Online Training

Easy to digest

Learn quickly with training modules that are always fifteen minutes or less.

Multiple languages

No matter what programming language you prefer, you can easily learn with a variety of code examples.

Industry Trends

Stay up to date on what's happening in security with online training that is continually updated.

Gold Hat Security aims to engage, entertain, and educate in order to bridge the security knowledge gap.

Upcoming Online Courses

Learn to develop a security mindset, prevent the OWASP Top 10, write and use APIs securely, and more!

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Learn everything you need to know to securely authenticate users - from password storage and MFA to SAML and OAuth.

Master the security functionality of AWS and create software that makes the most of those features.

"Most people expect security training to be dry and dull -- but Jillian delivered training to our 350 developers around the world in a way that kept them engaged, got high evaluation marks, and most importantly - taught them what they needed to know. Jillian's training resulted in meaningful more astute, prepared, and professional team."

Peter Horadan
Cofounder and CEO, Lockstep

"I took Jillian’s secure coding training just in time. I interviewed for a security engineer position shortly after we finished, and I know that what I learned with Jillian helped me get the offer. I still refer to what we covered, and her curriculum is helping me make the most as I train up in my new field."

Breanne Boland
Application Security Engineer, Salesforce

Learn with Jillian Ratliff

Jillian has been a security consultant and has taught developers all over the world the principles of secure coding. Throughout her ten years of industry experience, she has built application security programs and reviewed hundreds of thousands of lines of code in 20+ different programming languages. In order to keep herself balanced, Jillian performs stand-up comedy and prides herself on bringing a playful sense of humor when teaching developers, not an easy task…especially when she tries to teach in Portuguese!


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